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Kids Swim Classes Promotion @ Visionaire Condo Up to 50% off

Swim Promotion at Visionaire EC Condo 2019  Swim Lessons at Visionaire

First Time Sign Up Promotion for age 4 and above


  • Fee is $40 (50% off on first month) plus $80 deposit plus $10 swim cap.
  • Total $130.
  • 2nd month onwards just pay monthly $80/ 4 lessons/ 45min
  • Minimum 4 to start a new class
  • Starting Fri 5.30am, 6.30am, 7pm,  Sat 9am, 9.45am, 10.15am 



  • Fee is $50 (50% off on first month) plus $100 deposit plus $10 swim cap.
  • Total $160.
  • 2nd month onwards just pay monthly $100/ 4 lessons/ 45min

Referral Promotion
Any successful referrals of neighbours Signed up, you will get $25 rebate per student on your next month fee.

For Registration

Please Whatapp me the below information to 97250568:

1. Your Name

2. Contact Number

3. Block/ Unit Number

4. Child Name and age

5. Swim Level Proficiency

6. Preferred Timeslots


Swim Lessons At Your Condo Swimming Pool
Register Now And Get A 50% Off On Your First Month Fee.


Payment Method

Please made payment to Singapore Swim School DBS Current Account 0209016927 (Bank code 7171 & Branch code 020) and send me a Whatsapp picture of the bank transaction/ bank statement indicating your child name and timeslot for verification. Payment must be made on monthly basis on every 1st week of the month before swim lesson start.

Online transfer, ATM PayNow or Paylah payment methods are available.


  Pay to: Singapore Swim School

DBS Current Account: 0209016927

Bank Code 7171, Branch Code 020

Indicates Student Name and Class Timeslot

Whatsapp to 97250568







Terms & Conditions

1. Payment is due on a monthly basis on every 1st week of the month before commencement of lessons. Coaches are granted the right to refuse any student from joining the class if his/her class fees has not been paid by the 2nd week.

2. In the event of bad weather (heavy rain or lighning alert), land-based lessons (Water Safety Theory & Land Drills) will be carried out in sheltered premises for safety reasons. Swim lessons will be conducted as per normal in the event of light showers.

3. There will be no lessons on the fifth week of every month (29th, 30th & 31st) and on Public Holidays, major Public Holidays' eve. No makeup lessons will be scheduled for these dates.

4. Complementary makeup lessons can be arranged on another day if students inform our swim school at least one day in advance regarding his absence from an upcoming lesson. Complementary lessons held at Visionaire Pool will be offered to these students on another day if there are slots available. Otherwise, a subbsequent offer for complementray makeup lessons at Woodlands Swimming Complex will be exteneded to these stuednts, as we have more classes and slots available in this premise.

5. There will be a swim test with certification available once every 6 months (end of May and early November). Students who miss more than 8 lessons will not be eligible for the test. He/she will continue to be trained for the subsequent test.

6. During school holidays, if students have plans to miss up to 2 or more weeks of lessons, it is advisable for them to arrange for complementary makeup classes in advance that could take place before or after his/her return from the holiday break. Prorated fee payments can be arranged if students are really unable to find suitable time slots for makeup lessons. Do note that these students may not be well-equipped to sit for the subsequent swim test.

7. Making a one-month in advance notice is compulsory if a student does not wish to continue with the swim lessons. The deposit will be used to offset the last month fees. The one-month notice is fundamental for us to have enough time to replace the impending vacancy in class strength. Strictly no refund of deposits are allowed unless due to medical reasons where legalised documents have to be presented upon the appeal.

8. The make-up lesson must be utilised within a month. Otherwise, the right to a replacement class will be forefeited.

9. As a safety precaution, parents please do refrain from getting your children in the pool without an adult's supervision before the commencement of the swim lesson.

10. Indemnity

I accept that Singapore Swim School, including that of its coaches and agents are not responsible or liable for any damage or loss suffered by the student or the student's caretaker/kin or property during the course of their lesson. I hereby indemnify Singapore Swim School, its management and coaches against all injuries or liabilities, which may arise from my/my child's participation in lessons, which is entirely at my/my child's own risk.


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 Recent Feedback

"My kid aged 5 just started this Feb and is able to swim for short distance. I very happy with the coach Wilson."

- Angel,  Woodlands Blk 827Customer Rating


"My children aged 6 and 8 really enjoyed learning to swim  with Coach Robin. The coach let them play the water game at the last 10 min of every lessons."

- Wendy, Woodlands Blk 753 Customer Rating


"Woodlands Swimming Complex is very convienence for me as it is very near to my flat. I'm 55 years old and started to learn swimming with Coach Catherine. She is very patience with us. Thank you Singapore Swim School."  

- Ms Yeo,  Woodlands Blk 881 Customer Rating 


"I'm really glad that the swim school do arrange make up lessons for my kids as we travel to Malaysia quite often. 5 Stars service indeed."

- Fei, Woodlands Blk 513 Customer Rating


"My kids, Mike and Jane have been learning with coach Wilson for nearly two months. I was really surprise that my kids can actually swim for short distance within such a short time. I will definitly recommend Singapore Swim School to my friends."  

- Kieth, Woodlands Blk 141 Customer Rating 


"Coach Larry is very good with children. My kids aged 5 and 6 can submerge their whole head into the water on the 1st lesson. Good Job Larry. I will definately introduce my friends' kid to Singapore Swim School."  

- Rani, Woodlands Blk 336 Customer Rating