Singapore Swim School Swimming Awards & Test Syllabus

Stage 1 to 6 (Learn to Swim Level)

There will be a total of 6 stages for Learn To Swim level. Stage 1 is the beginner level, Stage 2 & 3 are the intermediate levels and stage 4 to 6 are the advance levels (Bronze, Silver & Gold).

To pass stage 6 (Gold level), students must be able to swim at least 200m for each swim stroke (Front crawl, Breaststroke & Backstroke) and know water survival techniques in the water. 

 Singapore Swim School Test Awards

Parents and Students who are interested to register for the swimming test can contact our swimming coordinator at RP. Our swimming coaches will conduct a trial test prior to the actual swimming assessment test and notify the parent or student if they are eligible or ready for the test. The infomation below is the syllabus for the Singapore Swim School swimming test.

Singapore Swim School Awards

Swimming Certificate


Stage 7 to 10 (Super Advance Level)

For students who passed Gold level (Stage 6) and are keen to go further into stroke perfection and speed. We have the competitive level for those who can take higher endurance level.

Students at this stage will be trained on 4 different strokes including the Butterfly stroke, Speed focusing, discipline, Staminal, distance and endurance training. These competitive levels (Gold star) will be stage 7 to 10.

Singapore Swim School Competitive Level

Swimming Competitive Awards

Students who have completed stage 10 will be strongly encourage to join our Lifesaving123 and BM courses. Upon completion of these Lifeguard courses, students will be certified as a qualified Lifeguard. After the Lifeguard course, students can then progress to be trained as a future swimming coach.


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 Recent Feedback

"My kid aged 5 just started this Feb and is able to swim for short distance. I very happy with the coach Wilson."

- Angel,  Woodlands Blk 827Customer Rating


"My children aged 6 and 8 really enjoyed learning to swim  with Coach Robin. The coach let them play the water game at the last 10 min of every lessons."

- Wendy, Woodlands Blk 753 Customer Rating


"Woodlands Swimming Complex is very convienence for me as it is very near to my flat. I'm 55 years old and started to learn swimming with Coach Catherine. She is very patience with us. Thank you Singapore Swim School."  

- Ms Yeo,  Woodlands Blk 881 Customer Rating 


"I'm really glad that the swim school do arrange make up lessons for my kids as we travel to Malaysia quite often. 5 Stars service indeed."

- Fei, Woodlands Blk 513 Customer Rating


"My kids, Mike and Jane have been learning with coach Wilson for nearly two months. I was really surprise that my kids can actually swim for short distance within such a short time. I will definitly recommend Singapore Swim School to my friends."  

- Kieth, Woodlands Blk 141 Customer Rating 


"Coach Larry is very good with children. My kids aged 5 and 6 can submerge their whole head into the water on the 1st lesson. Good Job Larry. I will definately introduce my friends' kid to Singapore Swim School."  

- Rani, Woodlands Blk 336 Customer Rating