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Singapore Swim School is one of Singapore’s most reputable swimming schools with over 10 years of experience. At Singapore Swim Schools, we conduct swimming lessons for the beginner, intermediate, advance and competitive level at any of the Singapore swimming complexes, public pools, all private pools in condominiums and at Woodlands Swimming Pool, which is now our headquarter. 

On the other hand, new classes will be opening soon at Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex which is located at Sembawang. The new Bukit Canberra Swimming Complex will be opening soon on Dec 2021. Early Birds Reservation starts now.

Swimming Lessons Promotion at Woodlands Swimming Complex 2019



Swimming lesson for kids

Swimming lessons for kids are for children aged between 4 to 13 years old. Kids will be taught the basic aquatic skills such as water confidence, water adjustment, water entry/ exit, blow bubbles, prone float, glide and water safety before progressing to the stroke development phase. Join us now and be the next gold medalist like Joseph Schooling who has acheived the Singapore's first-ever Olympic gold. See our awards winning swimming syllabus.

  Joseph Schooling 

A lot of fun and games with be introduced during the kids swimming lessons as we believe that children learn faster through fun activities. 


Swimming lessons for adults and senior 

Swimming lessons for adults and seniors are for those who are from 14 years old onwards. Students will learn the basic aquatic skills, build water confidence and stroke techniques. Learning to swim for adults, besides having many health benefits, is also the gateway for adults to explore other popular water activities such as lifesaving, snorkelling, scuba diving, wave surfing, water skiing, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing and many other water sports. 


New Beginner Swim Class Promotion 2021 At Woodlands Swimming Complex

ü New Beginner Classes Starting Soon
ü Small Group Class Size
ü  Makeup Class Available 
ü Certified Instructors
ü Free Entrance Fee via ActiveSg credits 
ü Consists of 4 Beautiful Pools
ü Usual fee $80 per month
ü Free Swim Cap. 

ü Promotion for first 100 students only

üFREE 1st-month fee when you refer 5 friends who sign up with us or get a one-month fee if 5 friends sign up!.



 Swimming Lesson


Private swimming lessons  

Private swimming lessons are best for learner who prefers to learn individually or in a small group with friends, siblings or relatives. Student will receive the full attention of our swimming coach and progress will be faster. Private swimming class is also more flexible as the coach will accommodate your schedule for swimming lessons.  


Swimming lessons for ladies  

Swimming lessons for ladies are for those women who prefer to learn in a class with only women students. All female swimming classes are taught by female instructors. Swimming is a low impact activity that lets women become more active while getting healthier. This cardiovascular exercise can help you prevent or limit the severity of many diseases while building stamina and strength. 

Swimming Classes for kids 2017


The 10 Reasons why you should learn swimming with Singapore Swim School? 

1. We have group swimming lessons available at Woodlands Swimming Complex and other parts of Singapore. 

2. We have private lessons available that can be scheduled to fit your needs. 

3. We make swimming lessons fun! 

4. We have qualified, proven swimming instructors who will make sure you learn to swim safely. 

5. Our full-time swimming instructors can help you develop water confidence and overcome your fear of the water. 

6. Singapore Swim School is affordable for everyone. 

7. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction. 

8. Our swimming instructors are certified with Sports Singapore and will work with to master the skill of swimming. 

9. Makeup lesson is available if you missed a lesson on a certain day.

10. We are available year-round to help you learn basic swimming, stroke techniques or any part of water safety and skills you desire. More reasons Why Learn Swimming?


Why our Swimming Instructors make swimming Fun!          

  Kids swimming lessons                                 

  • Fun is one of the most important reasons that kids first join swimming. 
  • Students, especially kids, learn faster when the learning is fun! 
  • Fun is necessary for all worthwhile activities 
  • Athletes perform their best when they are having fun. 
  • Champions go faster because they are having fun. 
  • Help young swimmers discover their passion and "Go for it". 
  • Enthusiasm is important on a daily basis. 
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards everything you do.  


Enroll for your swimming lessons with Singapore Swim School today. It’s never too late to learn and with our exception swimming instructors, you will master swimming techniques in no time for a mere $80/month. Contact us now for a promotional rate.


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 Recent Feedback

"My kid aged 5 just started this Feb and is able to swim for short distance. I very happy with the coach Wilson."

- Angel,  Woodlands Blk 827Customer Rating


"My children aged 6 and 8 really enjoyed learning to swim  with Coach Robin. The coach let them play the water game at the last 10 min of every lessons."

- Wendy, Woodlands Blk 753 Customer Rating


"Woodlands Swimming Complex is very convienence for me as it is very near to my flat. I'm 55 years old and started to learn swimming with Coach Catherine. She is very patience with us. Thank you Singapore Swim School."  

- Ms Yeo,  Woodlands Blk 881 Customer Rating 


"I'm really glad that the swim school do arrange make up lessons for my kids as we travel to Malaysia quite often. 5 Stars service indeed."

- Fei, Woodlands Blk 513 Customer Rating


"My kids, Mike and Jane have been learning with coach Wilson for nearly two months. I was really surprise that my kids can actually swim for short distance within such a short time. I will definitly recommend Singapore Swim School to my friends."  

- Kieth, Woodlands Blk 141 Customer Rating 


"Coach Larry is very good with children. My kids aged 5 and 6 can submerge their whole head into the water on the 1st lesson. Good Job Larry. I will definately introduce my friends' kid to Singapore Swim School."  

- Rani, Woodlands Blk 336 Customer Rating